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Most common car accident injuries in New York.

Updated: Jul 9

car accident injuries
car accident injuries


Whiplash injury is a common neck injury that occurs when the head is suddenly and forcefully thrown backward and then forward, mimicking the motion of a cracking whip. It is most commonly associated with rear-end car collisions but can also happen during other types of accidents or sports activities.

During a car accident, the impact causes the body to move rapidly, while the head, due to its weight and lack of support, lags behind. This sudden acceleration-deceleration motion can strain and damage the structures in the neck, including muscles, ligaments, discs, and nerves.

Bone Fracture:

Spinal cord injury

Back Injury


Traumatic brain injury

Head injury

Soft tissue injury

Burn Injuries

Neck Injuries

Herniated disc

Internal injuries

Facial trauma


Back Pain


Knee Injuries

Sprains and Strains



Eye Injury

Crush Injury

Rib Fracture


Statistics & Resources:

New York City's roads are also full of pedestrians. Unfortunately, 8600 of the 100,508 car accidents in NYC involved a pedestrian in 2022. These accidents resulted in 8484 injuries. Forbes Advisors

On average there were 106,612 emergency department(ED) visits each year due to motor vehicle traffic-related injuries among vehicle occupants, requiring the treatment of 542.4 of every 100,000 New Yorkers. The rates were highest for females and New Yorkers ages 20-24 followed by New Yorkers ages 15-19.

New York City car accident statistics show that the rate of collisions varies dramatically by borough.

  • Brooklyn 32,788 accidents resulting in injury

  • Staten Island 5,272 collisions resulting in injury

  • Queens with 27,943 accidents resulting in injury

  • The Bronx with 17,678 accidents resulting in injury

  • Manhattan with 16,827 accident resulting in injury

Motor vehicle traffic injuries are a major public health problem. They are the leading cause of injury related death, second leading cause of injury related hospitalizations and third leading cause for injury related emergency department visits in New York State. The combined hospitalization and emergency department charges average $1.1 billion, annually.

  • Statistics: New York State Roadways and County of Crash

  • Statistics: New York State Residents and County of Residence

  • Governor's Traffic Safety Committee

  • Contact Information

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Accidents happen. When the unthinkable occurs, it’s essential to seek immediate medical attention from a qualified New York Whiplash Injury Doctors

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