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Experienced Doctors Vital for Workers' Comp Benefits

Updated: May 6

If you've been injured at work and find the Workers Compensation process confusing, NYPMD New York Patient Injury Care Clinics can provide the support you need. With decades of experience serving injured workers in the New York area, NYPMD Workers Compensation Doctors understand the complexities of the workers compensation system and can guide you through it with ease.

New York Work Injuries Patient Care Injury
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Providing evidence in your case .At every appointment, your physician will create medical records that will serve as valuable evidence in your workers' comp case. Careful and consistent documentation of your injury, treatment, and recovery can lead to fewer disputes with the insurance company. Nolo

Many patients have struggled with medical providers unfamiliar with the process, leading to unnecessary delays in their Workers Comp claims.

NYPMD Workers Comp Doctors

Our compassionate team of New York workers comp doctors, comprising orthopedic surgeons, pain management specialists, and chiropractors, will assist you every step of the way. From filling out the initial paperwork to facilitating your return to work, we're dedicated to your recovery.

Whether you're dealing with ergonomic issues, repetitive strain injuries, heavy lifting injuries, or more severe workplace accidents related to equipment and machinery failure, NYPMD Injury Care Clinics is here to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

It's important to note that doctors involved in your care are required to complete certain forms for your Workers Comp claim. If your provider isn't familiar with the process, it could result in delays in receiving medical treatment and other benefits. We're here to ensure that doesn't happen.

Common Workers Comp Medical Terms:

In New York, common terms used in a workers' compensation injury claim include:

  1. First Report of Injury (FROI): This is the initial report filed by the employer when an employee is injured on the job.

  2. Workers' Compensation Board (WCB): The state agency responsible for overseeing workers' compensation claims and ensuring compliance with state laws.

  3. Authorized Treating Physician: A doctor approved by the workers' compensation insurance carrier to provide medical treatment to the injured worker.

  4. Temporary Total Disability (TTD): Benefits paid to an injured worker who is unable to work at all while recovering from a work-related injury.

  5. Permanent Partial Disability (PPD): Compensation paid to an injured worker who sustains a permanent impairment but can still work in some capacity.

  6. An IME stands for Independent Medical Exam.: An evaluation conducted by an injury doctor chosen by the workers' compensation insurance carrier to assess the extent of the injury and the need for ongoing treatment.

  7. Vocational Rehabilitation: Services provided to injured workers to help them return to work or find new employment if they are unable to return to their previous job due to their injury.

  8. Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI): The point at which an injured worker's condition has stabilized, and further medical treatment is unlikely to result in significant improvement.

  9. Settlement: A negotiated agreement between the injured worker and the workers' compensation insurance carrier to resolve the claim, typically involving a lump sum payment.

  10. Notice of Decision (NOD): A formal written decision issued by the Workers' Compensation Board regarding the outcome of a claim or dispute.

Consult a Workers' Comp Doctor

At any one of the NYPMD New York Patient Injury Care Clinics, our medical providers will work to keep your Workers Comp claim active and ensure you receive timely care. Feel free to reach out to us at  1 (800) 929-0849 or visit our facility. Schedule an appointment today. NYPMD will help finding a treating New York doctor in your workers' comp case.—we're here to support you on your journey to recovery.

Get Back To Work, Healthy & Happy With NYPMD Workers Comp Patient Injury Care.


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